There must be something to stare at in front of them.

Something going by, slowly and silently. There is no hurry.

You can take it easy, sitting on the doorstep or a straw-bottomed chair, or leaning in a doorway. Something is going by, during this small town's Sunday.

It could be people strolling by, a procession, or simply time. But it must be something worth watching, for the very reason that it is passing and later it will be gone and you will have missed it; whereas - if you look at it- it won't be lost, it will be seen. There is always something to look at, like the generations of human beings, nearly all of them portrayed here, in tiers like in a Greek theatre against the arched backdrop of history. Something is going by and it is not only major events, it is the comedy of life. Even though it makes no noise, someone should still watch it, make a record of it in images and put them away. Something is going by right there: it is life itself. (M.Smargiassi)

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